Skeletal System
Types of Skeletons
Skeletal Functions
Types of Bones
Structure of Long Bones
Microscopic Structure
Skeletal Development
Axial Skeleton
Appendicular Skeleton
Interactive Skeleton
Diseases, Disorders and Fractures

Here you will learn about the Skeletal System.  You will need to know the three different types of skeletons, plus the functions of skeletons.  Also there is information on the human skeletal system, about its two divisions (the Axial and Apendicular skeletons) along with common Diseases and Fractures.  Take the pre-quiz to find out how much you already know, and how much you don't know, then read all the information using the tabs on the Navigation Bar to the left.  Take the post-quiz or do the wordsearch/crossword to find out how much you have learned or just for practice. 


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